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What’s new in August Scenia Bay?

If in the last months of 2018, customers (in Nha Trang area and even other neighboring provinces) can easily recognize the rapid change of Scenia Bay project through constantly growing height. Every day of the project, up to the present time, the beauty and class of the project revealed every day are the most valuable information for Scenia Bay customers.

Overview of Scenia Bay – Pham Van Dong direction

Scenia Bay is a special project with a unique stacking domino design. The apartments at the project are meticulously taken care of by the CĐT to the smallest corners, helping to optimize the brightness and the direct sea view. With a unique architecture and a prime golden location, Scenia Bay easily blends with the natural beauty of Nha Trang waters, creating a soft and classy architectural masterpiece, giving customers a base. “voyeuristic” and multi-functional resort households.

SScenia Bay has wide sidewalk lines surrounding the project, designed exclusively for pedestrians. This route connects the apartment lobby and the business center lounge, convenient for residents / customers to easily connect to the utilities and functional areas around the project. In particular, the block design of Scenia Bay creates a unique “roof” for this sidewalk route, enabling customers to enjoy the sun, wind and sky of Nha Trang waters without having to worry about Unusual change of weather.

Wide sidewalk route surrounds the project

Along with that, the axis of fresh green trees is being completed and the fountain is gradually being completed.

A close-up of some greenery is carefully selected by the Owner before it is planted in the project

Currently, the Scenia Bay project has been in the roof for 10 months, and is gradually completing the landscape and interior items of the apartment. It is expected that Scenia Bay luxury apartments will be handed over to residents in the fourth quarter of 2019, which is less than the next 4 months.

Some pictures were updated at the construction site of Scenia Bay project – located at 25-26 Pham Van Dong, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa.

Scenia Bay – the approach behind the project – on Nguyen Hien street

The wide sidewalk route surrounding the project has been paved

The same photos inside the construction site

Công ty cổ phần Nha Trang Bay

Nha Trang Bay

Scenia Bay Nha Trang

Scenia Bay Nha Trang